Imaging a world where research becomes accessible

What is Abstra?

Abstra is the bridge between academics and the public. Researchers share simplified summaries of their peer-reviewed articles for the general public.

Making research


Research is technical, complex, and lengthy to understand, and that's necessary to solve our world's most challenging problem. But what if we could make it more accessible?


Medicine, AI, gender studies, climate change... All these fields are subjects of great interest and discussion. Yet the discussion is driven by the mainstream media, leading to misinformation and fake news. What if researchers were now driving the conversation?


Every one of us has subjects of interests, and things we know a great deal about. Yet very few take it as far as doing a Ph.D. in the field. What if we could all participate and contribute to the conversation and progress of human knowledge?

Dear overloaded researchers,

"Publish or perish"... So much pressure on research careers that no time is left to do the most rewarding part of the job: share our work with the world.​

People want to know about what you do, let us help you reach them with minimal effort!

Public engagement is a major component of research grants applications and career progress!

Abstra wants to help you!

1. Summarize and simplify your published papers with the help of our automatic summarization algorithm.

2. Post on a dynamic, free, and user-friendly social platform

3. Reach an audience bigger than ever!

Our 3 unconditional principles

Making life easy for researchers.

We work very hard to build an automatic text summarization algorithm to maximize impact and accessibility with minimal effort from researcher.

Building a user-friendly platform.

We build for our users a platform tailored to scientific content with an enjoyable and efficient navigation and searching process.

Ensuring quality of discussion.

We are inspired by quality forums, to which we add state of the art natural language processing to optimise for high quality and engaging discussion.

Meet the founding team


Yassine Taoudi-Benchekroun

I love doing and reading research but I hate how closed everything is in the academic world, so I'm trying to change that.


Looking for a CTO to continue developing the platform (MVP built with MERN stack).
Please reach out if you're interested in joining!


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Every Wednesday, we publish a long form article exploring one aspect of the academic research environment.
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